kombi.jpgNavigating most streets in Harare’s Central Business District (CBD) has become a nightmare, especially during peak hours as motorists are spending considerable time trapped in traffic jams.
Commuter omnibus drivers have been allowed to invade some streets in the capital ignoring the designated pick up points and this has irked motorists in Harare who say the City Fathers have allowed the unruly commuter omnibus drivers to be a law unto themselves. 

Despite calls for the City of Harare to deal with the major challenge of commuter omnibuses which have literally taken over some streets in the capital by continually ignoring road traffic regulations, nothing has been done in this regard as the chaos continue to reign supreme during morning and evening peak periods.


Motorists are worried that if this developing trend is allowed to continue unabated, the Central Business District will be turned into a jungle.

“We have reached a point where commuter omnibus drivers have become a law unto themselves causing chaos and confusion especially during the peak periods. An urban transport policy is therefore critical in dealing with this challenge,” said one motorist.


The capital city has designated pick up points which have since become white elephants as the municipal police have failed to deal with this problem.


Having realised that the situation had degenerated into chaos, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has moved in to restore order and sanity.


Zimbabwe Local Government Association Secretary General Mr. Rodgers Mozhenty said the only solution to the traffic chaos is the full enforcement of the by-laws.


He said the urban transport plan that was recommended by former Harare Mayor the late Solomon Tawengwa that no commuter omnibus should be allowed into the central business district should be implemented now.


“We had very good recommendations from the late previous mayor of Harare Clr Solomon Tawengwa who has suggested that holding points be created far away.”said Mr Mozhenty


The city of Harare is on record as saying plans are underway to establish holding points for the various suburbs but to date the plan is still to be implemented.


“We are really worried about the state of affairs in the CBD and we  have plans to establish a holding area far away from town to reduce the chaos .”said Mr Mozhenty.


Meanwhile, the commuter omnibus drivers have maintained that street corners are more lucrative as the designated ranks are located far away from the commuting public, while others say the ranks cannot accommodate the increasing number of the buses.

An urban transport policy is critical if the challenge of congestion is to be dealt with. Due to the increased volumes of traffic in the capital, it is clear that there is need to put in a new plan or to fully implement the blue print  as the current scenario can not be sustained.