city centre.jpgTown planners have urged politicians and business people to desist from interfering with their duties as this results in the breaching of town planning ethics and procedures.

Tuesday the 29th of November marks the World Town Planning Day.

The commemorations were held in the capital to discuss issues that affect the operations of town planning.

Zimbabwe Institute of Regional and Urban Planners Vice President, Mr. Verengai Mabika said high profile individuals such as politicians make operations of town planners unbearable as a result of undue interference.

Harare Focal Point Chairperson, Mr. James Mazvimba took a swipe at individuals who unprofessionally interfere in urban planners’ duties.

Harare provincial administrator, Mr. Alfred Tome, who was the guest of honour at the celebrations, said town planners should stand firm on their decisions despite the pressure.

World Town Planning Day has been set aside to recognise and promote the role of planning in creating livable communities and encourage planners to be innovative in addressing planning challenges and solutions around the globe.

The country has not been spared in planning challenges. However, observers say most of them are avoidable as authorities decide to break every town planning rule for political and personal gain.