karikoga kaseke 22-03-11ed.jpgThe Zimbabwe Tourism Authority says the country still needs to work aggressively to restore the country’s image, which has been tarnished by a barrage of hate messages churned out by western controlled global media.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) Chief Executive, Mr Karikoga Kaseke, who is back in the country after attending a Travel Expo in Russia, said there is need for the country to start aggressively marketing the country’s tourism industry to correct the bad perception by western media.

This follows media reports in some sectors of western networks, claiming that the government of Zimbabwe has taken over tour operators and travel agencies.

“Such stories clearly show lack of information and the need for perception management to be taken to the Russian market,” he said.

Mr Kaseke clarified that tour operators and travel agencies are not affected by the indigenisation laws as they are under the US$500 000 thresh hold required by the law.

Currently, only 2000 to 3000 Russian tourists visit Zimbabwe every year and with aggressive marketing, projections are that by 2015, more than 50 000 tourists will visit the country.