A dispute over rights and privileges to carry out activities at Topaz Mine in the Donain area in Muzvezve near Kadoma has attracted the attention of politicians who feel the will of the majority who are on the verge of being elbowed out, should prevail.

Close to 200 artisanal miners at Topaz Mine in Muzvezve face a bleak future after one mining magnate pitched up and tried to elbow them out, on the pretext that he had acquired rights to own about 11 claims at the mine site.

The artisanal miners had to seek solace from the ruling party, which forced the Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs, Lewis Matutu to rush to the area for intervention.

The artisanal miners said their rival is exploiting them by claiming over 30 percent of proceeds from their processed gold ore.

Cde Matutu, said the will of the majority at the mine should prevail in the spirit of the need to create job opportunities for those out of formal employment.

Vengi Musengi, the Zanu PF Youth League chairman for Mashonaland West said greed individuals seeking to amass wealth for themselves at the expense of the poor should not be allowed to prevail.

Topaz Mine is said to be co-owned by two people of European origin who over the years have allowed locals to benefit from gold resources at the mine.

However, recently, a local businessman is reported to have claimed ownership of the mine fields, and ordered the 200 artisanal miners to stop operations forthwith.