timba.jpgThe Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Jameson Timba has once again come under the spotlight for holding secret meetings with some private media representatives in a move to recruit a pro-MDC-T editorial team that will spearhead anti-Cde Mugabe campaign under the three million pound project.

The scramble for the three million pound being dished by the Prime Minister’s Office to denigrate the person of Cde Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF has intensified with some senior journalists and editors from the private media reported to be stampeding to meet Mr. Timba to submit their curriculum vitaes.

Latest information gathered by ZBC News shows that Mr. Timba is now in full charge as the overall editor of some sections of the private media, dictating the pace on what stories and headlines to write.

Following the unveiling of the three million pound by MDC-T western sponsors, independent media editors are alleged to be engaged in a series of meetings with Mr. Timba who will tell them what Prime Minister Tsvangirai wants them to write.

In a related development described by observers as wishful thinking and daydreaming, Mr. Timba is reported to be recruiting a pro-MDC-T editorial team that will position itself to take over the reins in the state media should his dreams to rule come true.

Some veteran journalists have questioned the silence by the Zimbabwe Union Journalists (ZUJ) on such key issues of national interest saying such a failure to investigate the matter is now raising eyebrows.