A play chronicling the plight of Zimbabwean women and girls who are on the receiving end of verbal abuse by touts has been released.

The role of theatre and arts in tackling pertinent issues affecting society has been captured in an extraordinary way through a recent play titled ‘Safe Hwindi’.

Written by veteran actress, Eunice Tava, the play, which was released last week, was inspired by true-life events on challenges that confront Zimbabwean women and girls at the hands of touts.

Tava revealed that the play revolves around the story of women especially school children who are body shamed and verbally abused by touts at bus stations, which consequently lowers their self-esteem.

“The production was inspired by what happens in Zimbabwe whereby women and girls are constantly abused by touts who comment on how they dress and the way they look. It is so disturbing especially on young girls who tend to lose confidence, which destroys their self-esteem,” she said.

The play is a Theatre in the Park Production which premiered at the Women, Wine and Words Festival in October, with the aim of addressing challenges that women face in the hands of male abusers, and to educate men on the effects of abuse against women.