Diringindi dam

The mystery surrounding Diringindi dam, an aquifer which has supplied water to Mnene Mission Hospital since 1903, makes it more than just a mere source of water.

The story of Diringindi dam is one that makes for some interesting reading.

It is the story of a water source whose mystery is anchored in the legend that it never dries up.

Villagers, have in the past, shelved plans to fence the dam amid a strong conviction that such a move would result in the water source drying up.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Zimbabwe Dean Maggie Zama and Reverend Alexander Mabhange Zimuto who have lived in the area for a while, speak on the mystery surrounding the dam.

“For a fact we are told they are things which are a taboo at this dam and we have remained guided,” they said.

At face value, the dam looks small compared to the large volumes of water oozing out it but locals are convinced the dam draws water roots from Sikajena, a mountain which mysteriously burns at night.

There is also a common belief that there is a night animal which drinks water from the dam, hence the water source never dries up.

The Diringindi myth serves to confirm myths surrounding the famous Buchwa Mountains in Mberengwa and the Shamba Mountain in Insiza district which has seen those going against traditional beliefs around such areas suffering dire consequences.