netone.jpgGovernment is crafting new policy guidelines that will direct renewal of licenses for operators in the telecommunications sector.

The policy, which is being crafted by government in conjunction with the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), is expected to enhance development in the telecommunications sector.

The adjustment in policy guidelines falls ahead of the anticipated renewal of licenses for the country’s two largest mobile operators which are due to expire.

In an interview with ZBC News, Potraz Deputy General, Mr Alfred Marisa said the policy adjustments are meant to improve the course of the country’s telecommunications sector.

“We are working closely with government to create a new policy guiding the renewal of licenses. As you might be aware come next year, two major licenses are due for renewal and what we need to look at is the policy guiding their renewal,” he said.

The country currently has 3 mobile networks and one fixed line operator, TelOne, which recently acquired a mobile operator’s licence.

Meanwhile, POTRAZ has donated satellite phones to the Civil Protection Unit (CPU) for use in times of natural disasters especially the low lying areas of the country which normally experience flooding.