Tehran residents have voiced their support for Iran’s seizure of at least one British-flagged oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz that was involved in an accident.

Iran’s revolutionary guards said they had captured the British-flagged stena impero, announcing the move two weeks after the British Navy seized an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar.

Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency said the second vessel, the British-operated mesdar, had not been seized.

It said the ship had been allowed to continue its course after being given a warning over safety and environmental issues.

Britain, however, is alleging Iran seized two oil tankers and told Tehran to return the vessels or face consequences in the latest confrontation to ratchet up tension along a vital international oil shipping route.

Military analyst Mehdi Bakhtiari said the seizure of the vessel is in response to the Iranian vessel seized at the start of July, adding that “Iran would not have done any of these” had its tanker not been seized in Gibraltar in the first place.

“They forced Iran to show a reaction and Iran did, and usually, Iran is not negligence in such issues,” he said.

Military analyst, Mohammad Shaltouki said: “I think this conflict will soon reach an end, because Iran has issued its own decisive message – it has issued a counter response by seizing the British oil tanker. I think the countries in the west and Britain are the ones that will suffer the greatest loss from creating insecurity in the Persian Gulf region, because it is their economic interests which are being affected”.