The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TCSZ) has launched a campaign dubbed “back from schools” that targets school children to remind them of traffic regulations.

The campaign is being held with the aim of reducing road traffic accidents during the Easter holidays.

TCSZ regional manager responsible for the western region Mrs Barbara Mpofu speaks.

“We have got two teams. The teams have started in the city because this holiday coincided with the closing of the schools. We have a campaign that says back from schools. We want to target school children. Remember they have been away from home, they might have forgotten, they might have relaxed. We are reminding them on the proper usage of the roads.

“We are also targeting 16 years olds, the A levels – that it`s not good to drive without drivers licences. We are encouraging them to come in groups and then we can do the provisional drivers` licences for them and then the younger ones. We are also reminding them to be safe when they are using the road. They might have forgotten the rules of the road and then from there we`ve got the teams that are on the road where we are doing our road side campaigns.

The TCSZ  is encouraging people to consider travelling during the day, to desist from boarding overloaded vehicles and to desist from boarding vehicles that are not road worthy.