Work on the Tanganda-Checheche-Ngundu road has begun bringing joy and relief to motorists and ordinary citizens who had been calling for the rehabilitation of the road whose state was a major source of worry.

Tanganda-Ngundu road was one of the roads that needed urgent rehabilitation and resurfacing with the Checheche-Tanganda road being the worst stretch full of potholes.

Government through the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development contracted Bitumen World to resurface the road this today (12th of February 2018) with the first phase targeting to complete a 30 kilometer road stretch within two months said Bitumen World site manager Mr Bigboy Sibindi.

Motorists, traders, farmers and ordinary citizens were full of praise for the new administration following the start of the resurfacing of the road that was now being shunned by most transporters with the 92 kilometer Tanganda-Chisumbanje stretch taking about hours to travel because of the bad state of the road.

The rehabilitation and resurfacing of roads that are in a bad state is part of government’s initiative to improve basic infrastructure and improve the country’s road network.