tobacco graded 17.02.2011.jpgSmall scale female tobacco farmers have challenged fellow women who benefited from the land reform programme to take tobacco farming as a serious business as it is a way of championing the empowerment of rural women.

Some of the women who could be seen rubbing shoulders with their male counterparts at the tobacco auction floors confessed that they have enjoyed great success in farming, and called on other women to take up farming seriously.

They also thanked the government for spearheading deliberate policies such as the land reform and the indigenisation drive, all in a bid to empower Zimbabweans.

Before independence, women were not allowed to own land due to the discriminatory nature of colonial laws.

At independence, the Zanu PF government put policies which greatly improved the welfare of women.

In commemorating the Women’s Day this year, Zimbabwe has selected the theme “Empower Women in Rural Areas-Eradicate Poverty and Hunger.”

Farming has been identified as a great tool of empowering rural women.