bread 18-08-10.jpgThe Bakers Association of Zimbabwe says it will this Wednesday meet with key stakeholders to discuss the effects of the surge in wheat prices on the international market.

The consultations come in the wake of fears of an increase in the price of bread and related products due to current shortages of wheat on the international market.


Bakers Association of Zimbabwe President, Mr Cydwell Chitewe dismissed claims that there is a pending 20% increase in bread price and said the industry will only come up with a position on Wednesday after consultations with key stakeholders.


“The consultations will involve the millers, the National Incomes and Pricing Commission, CZI and the association with a view to come up with a clear position on how to handle the situation,” said Mr   Chitewe


Observers say a price increase for bread and related commodities is likely to worsen the situation for the average worker given the obtaining salary levels. 


Russia, the world’s third largest producer of wheat recently announced a one year-ban on cereal exports following widespread fires in its wheat-growing regions, sparking a global increase in wheat prices.