sugar cane.jpgThe Zimbabwe Sugar Association says sugar production this year set to increase by 8% from last year’s 334 000 metric tonnes to 371 000 metric tonnes.
The production of sugar cane is anticipated to increase on the back of increased number of players who ventured into the sector through land reform programme.

The Association’s Chairperson, Mr. Muchadeyi Masunda said production of sugar cane will this year increase by 8%.

The production of sugar for the 2010-2011 season was 334 288 metric tonnes which was nearly 30% better than the previous season which stands almost 60% of the industry’s installed capacity.

According to minutes of the Annual General Meeting, the 2010-2011 season has been adversely affected by the delay in the rehabilitation of the milling plants while production for 2011-2012 season is expected to reach 371 807 metric tonnes representing 8%  increase reflecting 62% of the industrial installed capacity.

133 144 metric tonnes of sugar have been exported in the 2010-2011 season compared to 107 436 metric tonnes of the previous season while a total of 174 024 metric tonnes were sold to the local market.