Graduation mortar on top of books

Parents have been urged not to focus on academic skills alone but allow children to develop other skills as they grow.

Most students experience challenges in the classroom because parents, in a quest to secure a better future for their little ones, have increased pressure on children to learn academic skills.

This normally happens when these children are at a stage where their mind and body are developing in preparation for school.

Occupational Therapist, Mrs Rebecca Mukombe said children could be learning much more from playing, exploring and socialising with their peers hence focusing on early academic skills will take away the opportunity to wonder about the world around them.

According to Mrs Mukombe, their minds should not be narrowed to writing numbers, reciting alphabets, writing numbers, knowing letter sounds and counting to hundred.

“Allowing children to play contributes in the development of young children’s brain and body,” she said.

Early childhood education is beneficial for children below the age of 5 and it is often referred to as preschool, pre-kindergarten, daycare, nursery school or early education.

These spaces serve the purpose of preparing young children for their transition into elementary school.