The Commission of Inquiry into Sale of State Land is currently in Masvingo conducting hearings on the distribution of land.

The commission says it will be looking out for cases of corruption.

The commission of inquiry on state land led by its chairperson Justice Tendai Uchena visited various residential areas which include Clipsham View and Mucheke high density suburb.

Justice Uchena said during their stay in Masvingo they will inquire on the sale of state land and look at the development of the land as well as assess if requirements of urban settlement are being met.

He added that they will also scrutinise if there are no people who have been duped by individuals who illegally sell state land.

Justice Uchena also said in comparison to other areas they have visited, in Masvingo people are only settling after approval from the city fathers.

“The purpose of our visit is to enquiry into sale of state land, to assess if the requirements of urban settlement were followed. In Mucheke besides that roads are not yet tarred we are satisfied with what we have seen, it’s an issue of completing the development which has been started,” said Justice Uchena.

The Secretary of the Commission Mrs Virginia Mabhiza said during the hearings the commission will be on the lookout for corruption cases.

She noted that the commission will give updates during the course of the hearings

“We shall be giving updates, in particular cases that expose corruption,” she said.

The commission will be in Masvingo for three weeks.