kufandarerwa.jpgStakeholders in the mining industry as well as ordinary Zimbabweans have welcomed the Head of State and Government and Commander –in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe’s strong warning against corrupt tendencies in the mining and sale of diamonds.


The comments by stakeholders in the mining industry as well as ordinary Zimbabweans come just a week before the country resumes diamond sales under the KP supervised export mechanism arrangement.

Ordinary Zimbabweans who spoke to Zbcnews say they applaud President Mugabe’s call for transparency in the exploitation of Marange diamonds as well as the administration of proceeds from the diamonds sale.

Addressing mourners at the National Heroes Acre on Sunday, Cde Mugabe reiterated that proceeds from diamond sales must benefit all Zimbabweans and challenged stakeholders to desist from self-aggrandizement acts.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Miners Federation President Mr. Edzayi Kufandarerwa has added his voice calling for the country’s citizens to have a greater stake in the exploitation of the diamonds.

diamonds 03.08.10.jpg“People should be given an opportunity to team up with foreigners and take that know-how to cut and polish diamonds locally and export them as finished products,” said Mr. Kufandarerwa.

Zimbabwe is pinning its hope for socio-economic transformation on the auctioning of the gemstones after years of sanctions induced economic challenges.

Estimations are that the country has close to six million carats valued at over 2 billion dollars.