software.jpgTechnology is one area which has changed almost all the sectors of society such as the banking industry, education, automotive industry, aviation and even the military.


However few people have taken time to analyze how technology has improved the entertainment industry such as arts and sports.


A new software called Results Management System developed in Zimbabwe is set to benefit the local sporting industry.

When it comes to results compilation, analysis and storage, the tradition has always been the use of the pen and paper. Sometimes, some results have even been disputed due to compilation errors.


However, this year’s National Youth Games will be different as a new form of software developed locally will be applied. The National Youth Games technical committee adopted the technology specifically for the movement of results for sporting events regardless of the discipline.

wilsonsnt.jpgSoftware developer, Enock Wilson says the software was developed inorder to correct the errors which where incurred during the past events.

Many might wonder how the system will work.


Technical Business Development Manager, Richard Mberi says the system is made up of two components namely, a web portal that allows registration of participants and a mobile-based module that allows sending of results of sporting events from all venues to one control centre.

The system uses mobile phones and computers. So what happens when there is a network failure or when a computer crashes or even in the event of a power failure?

“The system uses the same technology that’s used in internet banking where all communication between the user and web-based system is encrypted via various encryption channels but also all the information that is sent from the mobile phone is encrypted and before anyone has access to the system they must be enrolled by the administrator,” said Mberi.

Ngarikaisnt.jpgational Youth Games General Manager Technical, Sebastian Garikai says the organizers of the games which are taking place in the capital appreciate the use of technology to improve the administration aspects.

“We can’t keep on using pen and paper and using a thousand people to do a job that can be done by five people. The people that are coming to Harare are coming for a life changing system,” said Garikai.

The command centre for the National Youth Games is at the Harare Polytechnic College and the Results Management System has already been set up.

A lot will be expected from this new technology but the system’s efficiency can only be determined after the national youth games.