Sport and Recreation Minister Makhosini Hlongwane

The Minister of Sport and Recreation Makhosini Hlongwane has expressed dismay over the state of sport and recreation facilities in Kadoma City.

Minister Hlongwane toured sport and recreation facilities in the city last Thursday.

In a statement to ZBC News, Hlongwane said the state of neglect of sport and recreation facilities is shockingly unacceptable¬† and not befitting of a place regarded as one of Zimbabwe’s seven¬† cities.

The Minister says he discovered that Kadoma has no functional public swimming pool although the city had previously invested in two huge swimming pools.

Hlongwane blasted the city fathers for failing to commit just over US$500 to get the main swimming pool functional and choosing to turn a blind eye to such an important public social amenity.

“Kadoma City must attend to and reverse the decay it is currently presiding over and provide a befitting service to its residents in the area of sport and recreation.

“The city is doing a major disservice to its residents as well as an entire generation of would-be athletes who are being denied a right to an important career pathway if the sport and recreation facilities were maintained,” said Hlongwane.

Last month, Minister Hlongwane toured Gweru City sporting facilities where also lamented their poor state, describing the situation as tragic, as some of the facilities had been turned into houses.

While in Gweru, Hlongwane said, besides touring sport and recreation facilities, the main purpose of his visit was to lobby local authorities to include sport and recreation in their annual budgets as well as setting up of a fully fledged sport and recreation department within their structures that will take care of the sport and recreation infrastructure.