books.jpgStakeholders in the education, sport, arts and culture sector say there is need for government to consider splitting the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture, arguing that the current set up is compromising efficiency and service delivery as it is too broad.

Stakeholders in the arts industry have taken a swipe on the underperformance of the responsible ministry and have called on government to split it as it is too broad.

They said the lack of funding in sport and arts programmes is mostly due to the effect that the larger part of the budget is set aside for education.

Filmmaker Angeline Domingo, Poet Mbizo Chirasha and Zimbabwe Music Rights Director, Polisile Ncube, all from the arts sector say the country’s tradition and cultural values will not be embraced to future generations as there is limited support to the arts industry.

Football analyst, Archiford Mundava says the sporting sector has been underfunded due to the fact that the responsible ministry has a lot under its wings, a view also shared by Zimbabwe Olympic Committee Chief Executive Officer, Stanley Mutoya.

Both sports and the arts industry can contribute significantly to the country’s gross domestic product if properly managed.

Countries such as Brazil have made millions from exporting football players, while music has contributed a lot to the Jamaican economy.