Zimbabwean companies are losing close to $1 billion in potential revenue due to smuggling threatening the survival of the textile, furniture and fresh produce industries.

A vice that threatens the survival of local industry, smuggling is draining local industry of thousands of job opportunities annually prompting industry to push the revenue authority to establish a crack team that will deal with this vice.

Blanket manufacturer, Waverly Blankets is among the industries feeling the heat of smuggling which two years ago drained the firm of almost three quarters of its workforce.

Attributed to a porous border system that is struggling to plug these loopholes as well as weak structures to prosecute offenders, the smuggling scourge is also hitting hard the motor industry involving car components, vehicles and fuel.

Equally affected is the timber sector as well as the furniture industry.

The cumulative loss for industry is substantial with leaders in the business sector pushing for more robust measures to plug these leakages.

The continued smuggling of goods into the country is not only draining revenue from the industry but militates against current efforts to promote domestic products even the survival of the local content policy which will advance employment creation for Zimbabweans.