sk moyo diplomat1 23.11.11.pngThe Zanu PF National Chairman, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, has called for the strengthening of party-to-party relations between Zanu PF and the ruling parties of Algeria in North Africa and Nigeria. 

Ambassador Simon-Khaya Moyo was speaking in separate meetings with the ambassadors of the two countries at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare Wednesday morning.

First to meet with Ambassador Khaya-Moyo was the Algerian ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Lazhar Soualem.

Algeria’s domestic issues relating to the current reforms in the North African country were discussed.


Mr. Soualem said Algeria is working on constitutional reforms to open up to the outside world and to take an audit of its democratisation process which includes the promotion of womens participation in politics through a 30% quota policy.

The reforms are also advocating for non-inclusion of business people in the political leadership and the scrutinising of local non-governmental organisations which he said number up to 100 000, as well as the media.

He said like Zimbabwe, Algeria with her rich oil reserves amounting to US$280 billion, is concerned about its citizens for whom it is building flats for its citizens and that it will not tolerate external interference.

Ambassador Khaya-Moyo said Zanu PF is looking forward to the 12th Annual National People’s Conference which he said is crucial as it comes before the country goes for harmonised elections next year.

Some members of the diplomatic community have also been invited to the conference which kicks off in Bulawayo on the 6th of December.

Cde Khaya-Moyo called on those involved in the constitution-making process to expedite the process saying the inclusive government has outlived its lifespan.

sk moyo diplomat 23.11.11.pngHe highlighted the issues that will be on the conferences agenda such as indigenisation and economic empowerment, the 2011-2012 agricultural season and the Presidential inputs programme that was launched two weeks ago.

He extolled the government and people of Algeria for exuding a high sense of unity on the backdrop of the turmoil and brutal murder of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi whose family has taken refuge in Algeria.

Ambassador Khaya Moyo later held talks with the new Nigerian ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Mamman Nuhu and reminisced on the days of the struggle when Nigeria supported the Zimbabwean cause at various fora, a relationship which has continued after independence.

Despite its strong support for Pan Africanist movements, Nigeria was among the African countries that voted for the adoption of the infamous UN Resolution 1973 which authorised NATO to attack Libya culminating in the brutal assassination of Gaddafi last month.