job sikhala.jpgThe newly formed MDC 99 party led by Mr. Job Sikhala has castigated the other two MDC formations and called for their members to be included on the sanctions list for allegedly violating civic rights.

Addressing journalists at a media briefing in Harare MDC 99 President Mr. Job Sikhala said his party is calling the international community to extend sanctions to Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara and Co-Home Affairs Minister Mr. Giles Mutsekwa.


“We call upon the international community to slap a number of people currently working in the GPA with sanctions as they are violating the rule of law,” said Sikhala


MDC 99 President Job Sikhala said his party demands the urgent drafting of a new people driven constitution which will guarantee civil liberty, freedom of association and speech.


He urged the inclusive government to stick by the GPA agreement which stipulates that elections should be held within 18 months adding that he is concerned with statements calling for an indefinite postponement of elections.


He said his party is disappointed that the global political agreement has failed to deliver to the needs of the people adding that when he was arrested the GPA was silent, indicating that even the other MDC parties have turned against him.


The MDC 99 was launched in Harare early this month and last week Mr. Sikhala was arrested by police for holding a political meeting without notifying a regulatory authority.