monalisa.jpgThe world title fight between Zimbabwe’s women boxing champion, Monalisa Sibanda and Zambia’s world champion, Esther Phiri, which was postponed twice last year, is finally expected to take place in Lusaka on the 21st of January.

Boxing promoter and manager, Boris Zneider said they’re doing everything possible to ensure the belt comes to Zimbabwe, hence Monalisa’s current training stint in South Africa.

Zneider said: “Monalisa is currently in South Africa preparing for the world title fight. From what I’ve seen Esther Phiri is in big trouble and I see the belt coming to Zimbabwe unless there’s biased officiating by the Zambian judges. We’re working on a knockout technique to ensure there’s no biased decision.”

Sibanda, the Queen of the Jungle as she’s known in boxing circles, has beaten Phiri in the past, but that was before she became a world champion some 6 years ago.

Sibanda’s boxing pedigree will therefore come under scrutiny when she takes to the ring against the Zambian world champion at the Mulungushi Training Centre in Lusaka on the 21st of this month.