Eight ambassadors accredited to Harare from Asia, Africa and Latin America have congratulated President Elect, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa for his victory in the 2018 harmonised elections, urging the people of Zimbabwe to move on with their modernisation and economic reconstruction agenda.

The eight ambassadors who met Cde Mnangagwa are Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Harare and the DRC Ambassador Mwanananga Mawampanga, South Africa’s Mr Mpakame Mbete, Angola’s Ambassador Pedro Hendrik Val Neto Prieto, Algeria’s Ambassador Narcedine Sai, Nigeria’s Ambassador Janet Bessong Odeka, Indonesia’s Ambassador Stephanus Yuwono and Cuba’s Ambassador Carmelina Ramirez and Sudan’s Ambassador Abdelbagi Kabeir.

The group was full of praise for the people of Zimbabwe for the peace, harmony and transparency under which the elections were held, saying it is time for Zimbabweans to unite and move together for the economic transformation of the country.

Ambassador Mawampanga said the people of Zimbabwe behaved in a dignified manner throughout the process.

Indonesia’s Ambassador Yuwono wished Zimbabwe success, while Sudan’s Ambassador Kabeir said the continent has some lessons to draw from Zimbabwe’s elections, urging the country to move forward and business to take off.

Algeria’s Ambassador Sai said Zimbabweans should move forward and those who lost in the election should join others in the rebuilding and modernisation effort.

He also stressed the need to respect the rule of law.

Ambassador Vaal Neto of Angola said the new dispensation has a huge task to restore Zimbabwe’s economic glory and there is need to maintain peace and stability, urging Zimbabweans to rally behind the elected leader.

Ambassador Mbete of South Africa said the just-ended elections witnessed the growth of democracy in Zimbabwe and that it will also influence the growth of democracy in neighbouring countries and the continent as a whole.

He said although there are no perfect elections, he hopes the next once will be even much better, expressing hope that outstanding issues will be done in accordance with the constitution of Zimbabwe.

The just ended harmonised elections saw Cde Mnangagwa romping to victory with 50.8 percent of the votes and his Zanu PF party secured two thirds majority in parliament.

Nelson Chamisa’s opposition MDC Alliance, which came second is crying foul and is threatening unspecified action, without approaching the electoral court according to the constitution.