The government says local authorities have the capacity to generate at least 60 mega watts of electricity by setting up biogas projects which will help in waste management.

The call for councils to embark on biogas projects comes at a time when Harare City Council’s Mbare biogas project is almost complete, amid proposals for the turning of the Pomona dump site into another biogas project.

The Mbare biogas project is an ideal one considering the amount of waste in the area and the initiative is expected to be commissioned by end of September this year.

The Minister of Energy and Power Development, Dr Samuel Undenge said the generation of electricity through biogas will address both power and waste challenges and it is cheaper, hence the need for all local authorities to consider setting up such projects.

The government is finalising the renewable energy policy which seeks to promote the participation of independent power producers to augment power generation by the national power utility, ZESA which is currently importing 300 mega watts of power from neighbouring countries.