sculptors.jpgLocal sculptors say there is need for the sculptor family to formulate an association which will help in articulating the challenges faced by the industry.  

The sale of products that bear signatures of established sculptors has become a cause for concern as many people are being misled by bogus dealers who want to entice customers by using renowned trade marks.

In an interview with ZBC News, some sculptors said there is need for an urgent solution such as the formulation of a sculptors’ mother body that will operate with a legal frame to bring the fake dealers to book

“It is very disappointing that someone can use our names to make and sell sculptures.We feel there must be a national association that will address this issue and we are encouraging artists to fully represent the sector in the ongoing constitution making process,”said one sculptor.

In some cases, the dealers buy artifacts and change name-tags to inscribe names of renowned sculptors for the products to sell at a high price.

Without a legal framework, it is difficult for sculptors to strongly summon the unruly activities which are a cause for concern giving a leeway for the false dealers to impersonate their works with trade marks of established sculptors.