School children from Golden Results Academy in Hatcliffe and Rishworth House in Borrowdale have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to clean up their surrounding environment.

Cleaning up of the capital city and its surrounding areas is usually done by different organisations as part of their social corporate responsibility and schools have joined the bandwagon of coming up with a clean environment under the on-going clean-up campaign.

School children from the two schools said a safe, clean and healthy environment is everyone’s responsibility.   

Rishworth House Primary School Head, Mr Stewart Meda said apart from cleaning up the environment, they are instilling a sense of responsibility in the school children while Golden Results Academy teacher, Mr Calvin Mahachi said this is another way of catching them young.

The clean-up campaign is aimed at achieving a litter-free city and promotes publicity and education on city cleaning.

The City of Harare’s Strategic Plan 2012-2025, clearly outlines the preferred state of the city which is a ‘zero litter environment and this is expected to be achieved by December 2025.