A Bulawayo man who sprang into action to try and save the late security agent Mr Nelson Dube said his heart is in grief that his perceived heroic efforts have gone to none.

Davis Muhambi turned into a local hero after braving himself to try and help others at a moment when many were scampering for cover during the White City Stadium explosion.

A businessman and a politician in his other life, Zanu PF Youth League National Deputy Secretary for Economic Affairs, Cde Muhambi, is one of the unsung heroes during Saturday’s explosion at White City Stadium.

Instead of viewing himself as a hero as many within Bulawayo are convinced he is, Cde Muhambi said his heart is sunk as his efforts were not sufficient to save the late security agent.

Cde Muhambi said he was jolted into action, thanks to his background training in first aid and some paramilitary training he has been receiving in his line of work.

“As you might be aware, I am in the business of milling. In my line of work I am compelled to do first aid training since we work with machines. I also did some paramilitary training and as such I had to assess on the dangers that the explosion had caused before I removed my scarf to save the bleeding of the now late Cde Dube before he was whisked away by the medics,” he said.

Cde Muhambi’s photos of him performing first aid on one of the causalities of the explosion have since gone viral and those who witnessed it have marveled at his selfless attitude and deft responsiveness even under the threat of danger.

Investigations into the causes of Saturday terror attack which has received worldwide condemnation are continuing with police seized with the security matter.