zambia zim map.jpgThe 26th Session of the Zimbabwe –Zambia Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security held in Harare has resolved that the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe must be removed without any conditions as they are also affecting the SADC region.



The commission, which was chaired by the Minister of State Security, Dr Sydney Sekeramayi, noted that some externally funded non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are working against Zimbabwe and Zambia as well as other countries in the region and called for closer cooperation between the two countries and the region to counter the destabilising activities of these NGOs.


Dr Sekeramayi explained to the Commission that Zimbabwe came under the spotlight after trying to address the land imbalances created by the former colonial regime.


“As government we firmly believe that we owe it to our people and future generations to ensure that the resources of the country ultimately benefit our people. We are not going to be apologetic in our quest to empower our people,” said Dr Sekeramayi. 

Zambian Minister of Defence, Dr Kalombo Mwansa, said Zambia and Zimbabwe will continue working together to enhance the existing bilateral relations.


“The manner in which the Commission has continued to hold its sessions is indeed a clear demonstration of the commitment by our governments to maintain peace and security in our two countries,” he said.

In their resolutions, the Commission also noted the call by the three political parties to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to hold elections next year and the need for the SADC and African Union to support the forthcoming elections.


A number of issues including the management of transnational crimes, the Kazungula Bridge Project among other important topics were also discussed.


The 26th Session of the Zimbabwe-Zambia Joint Commission was attended by security officers, service chiefs and senior government officials.


Zimbabwe and Zambia share strong relations which were cemented during the two countries liberation struggles.