happison muchechetere 2 06-10-10.jpgLocal journalists who have been put on the sanctions list by the west and are barred from doing their work in such countries say the continued existence of the illegal economic embargo contradicts the west’s claims that they are masters of democracy and freedom of the media.

The journalists say western countries have shown hypocrisy by claiming that they are champions of media freedom yet barring some Zimbabwean journalists from practicing their trade in western countries.

ZBC Chief Executive Officer, Happison Muchechetere who is also among the journalists put on the sanctions list says if the west is indeed the champion of democracy and media freedom, it should be shown by first removing illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe which have also affected the national broadcaster.

“The targeted sanctions are sanctions above sanctions as we cannot afford to buy equipment from Europe. EU banned local journalists from working in other countries,” he said.

The Herald’s Assistant Editor, Ceasar Zvayi said the illegal sanctions do not only affect those on the list, but they also affect neighboring countries that are now disadvantaged as Zimbabweans fleeing from hardships are now flocking there.

“Zimbabwe has taken the initiative on sanctions and other nations should emulate the brave characters shown by the Zimbabweans,” Zwayi said.

ZBC News Diplomatic Correspondent, Judith Makwanya described the illegal sanctions as a denial of journalists’ right to exercise their profession freely and called for their removal.

“It shows the west’s hypocrisy,” she said.
For The Sunday Mail Assistant Editor, Munyaradzi Huni, the illegal sanctions should be removed totally and not impartially.

“The signing of the National Anti Sanctions Petition is an expression of disgust to the EU, so they should remove the sanctions once and for all,” Huni said.

Despite the west claiming that they respect plurality of ideas and freedom of the media, they have imposed sanctions on some local journalists who are barred from entering their countries.

Last year, ZBC Chief Correspondent, Reuben Barwe was initially denied a visa by the US to cover the UN General Assembly in New York despite the fact that the global organisation’s headquarters is not considered as American territory.

He was later granted the visa after some diplomatic engagement by the Zimbabwean government.