The so-called targeted sanctions by America and its allies are negatively affecting trade links between local companies and the international markets as some big companies’ foreign payments are reportedly bouncing back.

Analysts, however, bemoan the sanctions saying they are a smokescreen for the US and its allies to cause despondency in the country and created a humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe.

As the USA administration continues to renew sanctions on Zimbabwe it has emerged that the so-called targeted embargo or financial restrictions are a deliberate ploy to destabilise tremendous trade progress made by the new dispensation.

Some big local companies have their millions of dollars trapped by Office of Current Asset Control (OFAC) and exclusive information gathered by ZBC News show foreign payments by some entities are bouncing back.

Analysts bemoaned the financial restrictions as weapon by the Americans to squeeze companies, cause mayhem and provoke an ungovernable situation so as to portray a humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe is nowhere a threat to US foreign policy, the agenda is the same of regime change, so by throwing spanners to make the economy scream is the Trump-card to achieve that, so we need to be careful here. The Americans will not tie, so progressive Zimbabwe should stand there to against these so-called sanctions,” notes political analyst Gabriel Chaibva.

The Americans should acknowledge re-engagement progress made by the new dispensation and in the spirit of fair trade allow Zimbabwe to do business with the global market, advised economist Eddie Cross.

“Financial restrictions are not minor, they are major, Americans should be careful, that denying Zimbabwe to trade fairly with the global market will have serious repercussions. If we fail to persuade the US, there shall be other means to circumvent the use of the US dollar,” warns Cross.

It is estimated that the imposition of illegal sanctions by the West have prejudiced Zimbabwe over $50 billion in two decades and the continuous renewal of the embargo is bend on destabilising the economy and force a regime change led by their MDC puppets.