South Africa National Defence Forces Commander, General Solly Shoke says African countries need  to unite and support Musha Mukadzi charity organisation, describing the initiative as life changing.

Speaking at a fundraising dinner for Musha Mukadzi in Harare, General Shoke said the spirit of African brotherhood that resulted in Zimbabwe assisting South Africa during the Apartheid regime should continue to influence relations among African countries, describing borders as mere colonial demarcations.

“Zimbabweans must support this noble cause being advanced by Musha Mukadzi charity organisation. I pledge to mobilise the South African corporate sector to support the initiative,” General Shoke said.

Vice President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, who also graced the occasion, called upon captains of industry and business people to pool their resources together in support of Musha Mukadzi.

He said the concept of Command Agriculture can be extended to the health sector and bear meaningful results if supported by Zimbabweans and captains of industry.

The fund raising dinner was attended by army generals from a number of African countries that include Malawi and Zambia.

The event that was running under the theme: ‘Championing Pro- active and Reactive Approaches in the Fight Against Cancer,’ saw Musha Mukadzi raising funds for various charity projects.