Russians will soon invest $400 million to kick start the $3 billion Darwendale platinum mining project, a joint venture between Moscow and the government operating as Great Dyke Investments.

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade in Russia Mr Georgy Kalamanmov, on Wednesday (today) held private meetings with government ministers in the capital on available projects, areas of cooperation as well as bilateral trade relations.

Mr Kalamanov said while he had fruitful meetings and discussions with government officials, Russia will soon be injecting $400 million to ensure full swing operations of the $3 billion platinum mining project that was commissioned in 2014.

“We are doing our best to ensure this project is a success and an initial injection of $400 million is on the cards to ensure full swing operations,” he said.

Nearly a million ounces of platinum are expected to be produced annually when the Great Dyke project is in its full swing or operations.