Director. Radio Services.  

Born in Highfield, Harare in 1965, Mhandu attended primary and secondary school up to O Level in Chikomba District. Attended A Level at Harare High School from ZBC identified him as a Radio Presenter of youth programmes. Proceeded to University of Zimbabwe for an Honours Degree in Social Science, carrying on as a part-time radio presenter. Joined ZBC full time in 1992 as Human Resources Officer before moving to News and Programmes. Rose through the ranks to become Radio and TV News Presenter, Current Affairs Programmes Anchor, Sports Analyst/ Commentator, Head of Radio News and Current Affairs, Deputy CEO of Newsnet and ultimately General Manager. Television Services. Left ZBC for stints as Director Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and Director of Marketing and Business Development at  Zimbabwe Open University. Returned to ZBC in 2018 as Director of Productions and Television Services before the current position of Director of Radio Services.  Holds Masters Degree in Business Administration, Masters Degree in Education Management, Certificates in Broadcasting Productions and Management, Strategic Management, Project Management, Change Management and Management of Organisations. Married, blessed with 4children, 2boys and 2girls