The setting up a motor vehicle accident fund is expected to assist victims with challenges that arise in the post-accident phase.

The recent death of 43 people in a bus accident in Karoi which has been declared a state of disaster, serves as a grim reality of the importance of having a motor vehicle accident fund, as such a fund will assist the families of those affected as well as in their burial.

Representatives from various organisations met in Harare where the establishment of the road accident fund was discussed amid calls for mechanisms to be put in place to ensure the undertaking sees the light of day as soon as possible.

The government says it is worrisome that a road accident occurs in the country every 15 minutes and that five people are killed every day on the country’s roads.

The Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Engineer Michael Madanha says such harsh realities must trigger the nation into action in coming up with the fund.

The setting up of the motor vehicle accident fund is in line with the dictates of the United Nations Decade of Road Safety Action Implementation Programme which the country is signatory to.

The road accident funds is covered under Pillar Number 5 where a country is expected to increase responsiveness to post-crash emergencies and provide appropriate emergency treatment.