tobaiwa mudede 14-12-10.jpgThe Registrar General’s office has embarked on an exercise to clean up the voters roll and register more voters ahead of next year’s elections.


In a move meant to update the voters roll ahead of next year’s elections, officers from the Registrar General’s office have already been deployed to collect data from chiefs, headmen, village heads, and other sources on the number of people who have died in their areas.


Registrar General, Mr Tobaiwa Mudede said since the commencement of the programmes on the 16th of August this year, the officials from his department have managed to collect information on 32 065 deceased persons, who had not been issued with death certificates. 


5 882 deaths have also been registered during the period.voters roll.jpg


“We have embarked on an exercise to clean up the voter’s roll and we are working on this ahead of next year’s elections and we want the people to know that we are also preparing for the elections,” said Mr Mudede.


Mr Mudede pointed out that Zimbabwe is not the only country that is faced with the challenge of cleaning up the voters roll, adding that updating the roll is always an ongoing process as death can not be avoided.