shopping at xmas 12.pngConsumers have criticised retailers for profiteering and have called on government to intervene on price stability to consolidate economic gains achieved so far.

It is retailers’ norm for increasing prices of basic commodities especially during the beginning of every year.

Consumers have called on the government to intervene on price stability saying that prices of basic commodities should remain as retailers are likely to adjust prices.

Consumers added that it the retailers’ attitude to profiteering despite the consolidation of economic gains achieved.

During the first two months of the year, prices of basic commodities have remained unchanged.

Two kilogrammes of sugar ranges from two dollars to two dollars and fifty cents, two litres of cooking oil ranges from four dollars to four dollars and fifty cents while a bar of washing soap ranges from one dollar and fifty cents to one dollar sixty cents.

Zimbabwe experienced a spate of price hikes in the last quarter of 2011 following the restoration of import duty on basic commodities resulting in annual inflation high of 4,9 by December last year.