retailers.jpgZanu PF Harare province has commended government for taking a tough stance on the issue of foreigners who have flooded reserved sectors such as the retail sector saying it will create business opportunities for locals who have been marginalised.

Government recently announced that local authorities and other licensing authorities should stop granting permits to foreigners in the retail sector citing that it was against the indigenisation law.

This came as a relief to many Zimbabweans who were being kicked out of the sector by foreigners and the Zanu PF Harare province leadership says this is a step in the right direction.

Zanu PF Harare Provincial Chairman, Ambassador Amos Midzi says this will present an opportunity to locals who had been sidelined from the retail sector.

The Chairperson of the Indigenisation Committee for the capital, Cde Noah Mangondo also called for patience amongst party members and denounced those who have a culture of forcibly taking over businesses from foreigners.

The retail sector has been a bone of contention with most Zimbabweans questioning government’s seriousness in tackling the issue.

Most locals had been pushed out of business as building owners were charging exorbitant rentals.

However, many are optimistic that the sector will now be open to locals as dictated by the law.