road rehabilitation 2 23-11-10.jpgRural District Councils (RDCs) have benefited from the US$11 million facility which will go towards road maintenance in the rural areas across the country.

Under the facility availed by the Zimbabwe National Road Authority (ZINARA), 60 RDCs have been allocated money for road maintenance programmes.

The Association of Rural District Councils passed a resolution that dedicated US$5 million for the purchase of motorized graders for use in road construction and maintenance.

The association’s Secretary General, Mr Rodgers Mozhenty says the roads in most rural areas were in a state of disrepair and the purchase of the graders will enhance the capacity of the local authorities to engage in major road maintenance programmes.

“We are happy to report that we have resolved to dedicate US$5 million of the fund to the purchase of the motorized graders. Some had done well to use their own revenue but most have been failing, and as such we will ensure that maintenance programmes are conducted for the benefit of the rural people,” said Mr Mozhenty.

Traditionally, the District Development Fund (DDF) had the mandate of maintaining roads in the rural areas, but it was badly affected by the sanctions induced economic challenges.

This resulted in the collapse of most bridges and deterioration of road networks.

The latest development is expected to assist in ensuring that the rural folk also benefit from key infrastructure such as roads.

So far eight rural districts had already purchased graders under a private public sector partnership.