The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) this Thursday appeared before the Public accounts committee to give oral evidence pertaining to the issuance of treasury bills and the central bank’s expenditures for 2018.

The RBZ led by the Deputy Governor, Dr Khuphukile Mlambo, responding to questions raised by the public accounts committee, explained that the central bank is government’s financial advisor and from time to time in 2018 would generate treasury bills to finance prescribed government programmes, especially productive sectors of the economy.

As RBZ, our mandate with regards to financial transactions is clear as we take instructions from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and we execute them, said Dr Mlambo.

The meeting could not deliberate on all issues as the committee adjourned proceedings to Monday next week and summoned companies among them Sakunda Holdings and Croco Motors that were beneficiaries to the issuance of treasury bills to come and account for the bills.