spar groombridge.jpg31 years after independence, police in Harare are investigating a case of racism in which a white man, Britton Cattle, abused a young black manager by hitting him against the wall, resulting in the man sustaining a dislocated shoulder.

The incident took place at Groombridge Shopping Mall in Harare.


Bright Mushango fell victim to the so-called white supremacy in a case that reminds many of the brutality on employed blacks by Rhodesians who then wanted to turn Harare into a little England.


Narrating his ordeal off-camera, Mushango, the only black departmental manager among seven whites at the newly-opened shopping mall, said all hell broke loose when he was called to assist the wife of Mr. Cattle with stock taking that she was struggling to balance. 


Bright said after balancing the stocks, he asked Mrs. Cattle in good faith to collect the printed copy from the printer, but the request did not go down well with Mr. Britton Cattle, who allegedly grabbed and banged him three times on the wall.


Mushango sustained a dislocated shoulder as a result of the assault.


To add salt to injury, Mushango, after being given a two week sick leave by a medical doctor, was ordered back to work with a dislocated shoulder and to withdraw his case (IR 031653) from the Harare Central Police Station on condition that he was going to be compensated, but up until now nothing has materialised.


Mushango now fears for his job and is seeking protection as he might be fired for claiming compensation from Cattle.


Meanwhile, in a related development, black tenants who used to operate businesses at the same premises before it was renovated have been booted out and replaced by white tenants, a move they described as ‘calculated’.


Efforts to get comments from the Bridge Spar management and Mr. Cattle were fruitless as their lines were not being answered.


Observers however feel that although police have confirmed that they are investigating the matter, it is high time indigenous Zimbabweans took action against supposed white supremacy as the case of Bright Mushango and other tenants who have fallen victim to racism is just but a tip of an ice-berg.