Liquidity challenges and low uptake of vehicles at the Quest motor vehicle assembly plant in Mutare have negatively affected production levels resulting in the scaling down of the company’s workforce.

While the re-opening of Willowvale Mazda Motor Industry is a positive development that has re-ignited optimism in the motor industry, the reality is very different at another local motor assembly plant, Quest Motors in Mutare.

General manager Mr Tom Sarimana says production at the giant motor assembly plant has drastically decreased due to low uptake of the vehicles with Quest requiring an estimated US$2.5 million a month to import raw materials.

The company also laments lack of local support after having nursed hopes that government would have secured all its operational vehicles locally.

Facts from the Mutare car assembly company reveal that the plant can produce 35 vehicles per eight hour cycle, giving an average daily output of 105 vehicles.

Projections are that if major bottle necks such as funding constraints are addressed enough vehicles to satisfy the local market can be produced at the Mutare based plant.