comm gen chihuri 26.11.10.jpgThe Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Augustine Chihuri says the inclusion of history in the police curricula helps the organisation to come up with diligent and patriotic officers who fully understand the country’s liberation struggle.


Addressing recruit officers who have returned from Chimoio and Nyadzonya shrines, Commissioner General Chihuri said the organisation wants to mould officers who appreciate the country’s history and can be examples of patriotic Zimbabweans.

He encouraged Zimbabweans to vote wisely in next year’s elections so as to protect the country’s sovereignty.

“Officers must vote wisely and must consider that this country came through the barrel of a gun and we will never allow puppets to lead us. Anyone can rule this nation but what we don’t want is kuitwa chidzoyi chekuredzesa hove,” said Commissioner Gen Chihuri.

Commissioner General Chihuri castigated the West for looting the country’s resources saying police officers will never relax as long as imperialists continue their efforts to plunder the country’s resources.


police officers chimoio trip.jpgRecruit officers who have returned from the tour commended the organisation for giving them an opportunity to visit the historic shrines.


“We have learnt a lot about the country’s history and our tour has helped us understand the history of the liberation struggle,” they said.

Following the realisation that some Zimbabweans do not have a clear understanding of the country’s history, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has sent some of its recruits for educational tours at Chimoio and Nyadzonya as part of police training.

The trip was the first time that the ZRP has sent officers undergoing training to Chimoio and the organisation has indicated that the educational tours will continue so as to mould responsible police officers.