Audited financial results for public entities revealed a worrying trend across the board of poor financial management systems and lack of accountability for a number of these entities.

The revelations came in the capital this Thursday during a ceremony to award the few public entities who are preforming exceptionally well in financial management as well as upholding good corporate governance practices.

The Principal Director for Fiscal Policy in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Mr Pfungwa Kunaka spoke about the importance and role of the public sector in facilitating the attainment of Vision 2030, hence proper financial management at these entities is critical.

“Government decided to honour those preforming entities as a way of encouragement to those who are not preforming simply because you are the foundation on which the development agenda should be laid upon,” said Mr Kunaka.

Proper handling of finances at state enterprises brings about confidence and trust, thereby enhancing full participation by the citizenry towards a shared vision of building a better Zimbabwe for all.