Several people and the business sector countrywide were severely inconvenienced as they could not make phone calls, banking, mobile money transactions and other services after Econet reportedly shut down its mobile networks for better part of the day.

The mobile network Econet attributed the problem to power outage at its network operations centre where generators failed to kick in.

The public banks and the business community at large this Saturday (today) suffered a blow as one of the mobile network reportedly shut down its boosters.

The sudden switch of the network without notice sparked outrage from the public which spend the whole day blocked from using EcoCash, Zipit and other services for their day-to-day business transactions.

Several shops and services were not spared as the bulk of their clients failed to convert their money to credit cards.

Some spend the whole day on empty stomach while others who had appointments with friends, relatives or business partners failed to fulfil them owing to lack of communication.

While the mobile network re-activated the system later in the day the public and businesses were left counting their losses as a result of the sudden network shut down.

Meanwhile Econet has issued a statement saying the company’s services, calls, internet data, EcoCash and other services were down as a result of the problem caused by power outage at its network operation centre.