cde beatrice nyamupinga in murehwa  01-08-10.jpgThe call for 50-50 proportional representation of male and female candidates in politics by 2015 is under the spotlight with questions being raised on whether the major political parties will heed the call even when they risk losing constituencies should they implement the initiative.

Political analyst, Mr Alexander Kanengoni says the parties will be treading on shaky ground because while there is need to satisfy those quotas, the reality where male candidates have always come out strongly against their female counterparts will certainly have a bearing.

“It’s a tricky situation as the parties have to strike a balance between filling quarters and the reality of strong candidates who are assured of winning,” said Mr Kanengoni.

Women Caucus in Parliament Chairperson, Cde Beatrice Nyamupinga says the parties must find it as an obligation to implement the quota system and shun traditional stereotypes where women have been looked down upon in the occupation of political posts.

“It is only a stereotype that women are not strong candidates compared to men,” she said.

With the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development calling for proportional representation of women and men in politics by 2015, focus will be on how the three major political parties in Zimbabwe will implement the protocol.

Analysts say the challenge will be on how the political parties will strike a balance between meeting the 50-50 proportional representation and balancing this with the fact that male candidates have traditionally fared better in elections against their female counterparts.