grocery.jpgPrices of basic commodities have remained unchanged in the past two weeks as the local market shows positive signs of price stability.

A price survey by ZBC News at supermarkets in the capital showed continued price stability.

The price of mealie-meal is ranging from US$4.50 to US$4.55 per 10 kilogramme bag, while a 2 kilogramme packet of rice is being sold at between US$1.80 and as much as US$4.29 for imported brands.

The price of flour was pegged at US$1.95 for a 2 kilogramme bag, going up by a marginal five cents.

Margarine costs between US$1.29 to US$3.05 for 500 grams.

There is a slight increase of cheap imported brands of margarine branded for supermarkets.

Cooking oil is trading at a price ranging from US$3.75 to US$4.85.

The price of locally manufactured brands of cooking oil has marginally declined from US$5.20 to US$4.85 in the past two weeks.

A two kilogramme packet of salt is selling at an average of 80 cents, while a two kilogramme packet of sugar is selling at US$1.95.

The prices of bread and milk have remained unchanged, with more varieties available on the market.

There is an improvement in the availability of local brands of washing soap ranging from US$1.55 to US$1.90.