President Emmerson Mnangagwa has officially opened the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) innovation hub.
President Mnangagwa also paid tribute to the country’s young innovators and said the government is committed to supporting, science, research and innovation for the development of the nation under the education 5.0 model.

The NUST innovation hub is pioneering research in dna, agriculture and other research systems.

“My administration felt that we need to move our education to a new level scientifically. We are witnessing a new approach to education after many years of very limited education focus. We believe that every single country has its own peculiar situation, we need to develop our county on the basis of what we have. It is also possible through such innovation hubs to develop products that will serve our nation. We have faith in our young people, We are focusing on producing science technology to the young. Young people can leave a legacy of inventions in Zimbabwe. We have very bright young people in our institutions. We have established a process where those with ideas can translate them to reality, ” said President Mnangagwa.


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