Women from across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe are set to meet President Emmerson Mnangagwa tomorrow afternoon at the HICC in Harare.

The event has been organised by Women Supporting ED and all women, regardless of political affiliation, are invited to attend this interactive meeting with the President.

 Women constitute the largest chunk of the population and thus can equally play important roles in politics, the economy, and in policy making.

The emancipation of everyone including women has been at the core of President Mnangagwa’s objectives in the new dispensation.

He recently launched a women’s bank- the Zimbabwe Women’s Microfinance Bank – an indication of his commitment towards women empowerment.

Women Supporting ED say the President has proved that he has women’s interests at heart.

The President has also championed and presided over many women’s projects.

The organisers say this is a chance for women in Zimbabwe to meet and present their challenges to the President as this will be the last gathering that the President will address before elections slated for Monday 30 July 2018.